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eKxun is an enterprise specializing in “software development” services, applicable to professional development technologies such as PC, mobile, APP, and web application development. Our product team enables your products to start quickly and land perfectly.


Mobile Development

Have professional capabilities in the field of mobile application development, and be competent in special tasks such as enterprise information system design and technical programming, testing and debugging of mobile application development projects, as well as deployment and maintenance of project equipment.

Web Development

Web Development,It covers a range of processes and technologies for creating, designing, building, and maintaining websites or web-based applications, including web layout design, front-end development (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.), back-end development (e.g. database management, server configuration, programming languages such as Python, Java, etc.), and website performance optimization, security protection, etc.

Software Customized Development

Multi-platform software customized development, system customization consultation, development, maintenance, promotion and other services, allowing your project to be implemented quickly.The process of designing and developing software specifically tailored to the needs, business processes, and requirements of specific customers to meet their individual and unique business needs.

Cloud Enablement

When it comes to cloud application building and deployment, the process demands careful assessment and planning for high scalability, capacity, security, and integration. App Maisters Inc. offers various software development services like Cloud App Development, IPhone App Development, Android App Development, Windows App Development, Web App Development, Cloud Development.Our proficient team assists in planning, designing, developing, and deploying cloud applications for all types.

UX/UI Design

Usability” refers to how easy and intuitive a website interface is for the average user. We are experts in website development to create attractive designs that are pleasing to the eye and simple to navigate. We know how to flawlessly incorporate back-end technology with eye-catching front ends to build sites that offer the best in user experience. You will love our designs, but better yet, your users will too.

QA and Testing

eKxun ImpactQA provides QA software testing services to validate different functions of your application managed in top-notch testing labs. Our adept team of certified testers ensure faster time-to-market for your software products with the deployment of automated regression test suites.

Facilitate Successful Outcomes

With hundreds of successful projects, weknow what works in digital solutions



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AI helper

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Futuristic Furniture

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Smart Living

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Software Solutions for Industries

Medical Device Integrations

Whether you need to develop a medical billing app, patient monitoring system, inventory management system, data portal, or anything in-between, we have the skills and know-how to get it done right.

Travel and Hospitality Management Software

Empower need of connected travellers. Select right technology partner who understands the challenges of your industry and helps with tailored solutions.


Become a front runner in Industry 4.0. Leverage next-gen technologies and industry expertise to automate your business processes and reinforce manufacturing operations.

Print Order Management Software

Get flexibility and productivity you want to succeed in print business with tailor-made print management systems. Meet changing market trends of printing industry.

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